Hyatt Promise ensures the best Hampi experience for leisure and corporate tourist alike

Given Hampi’s unique standing as a major tourism product, it is frequented by leisure and corporate travellers in equal measure. Hyatt Place Hampi’s well curated offerings makes it an ideal choice for visitors. We speak with Roshan Mendonsa, Assistant General Manager, Hyatt Place Hampi to understand how the hotel is curating unique and memorable experiences for its patrons. An exclusive interview:

What are some big takeaways from tourist footfalls into Hampi?

Roshan Mendonsa
Assistant General Manager,
Hyatt Place Hampi

Hampi is populated with opulent temples, splendid palaces, wonderful monuments, fortifications, market streets, aquatic structures and a number of other unreal wonders. In fact, Hampi is considered to be an open repository of history and design. Hampi fetched a revenue of INR 3.40 crore with nearly 5.35 lakh tourists for FY 2016-17 from 3.5 lakh tourists for FY 2015-16 and this figure is gaining an altitude every year. With every step you take around the ruined state, the view becomes spectacular and eye soothing. Hampi has pebble-like boulders, patches of greenery, historical monuments and to the North, the silver riverbanks of Tungabhadra − a surreal bird’s eye view landscape in the country- a visual retreat. Every year, the Government holds Hampi Utsav in order to make the tourists contemplate the old glory (like cultural performances, art, Hampi by air, etc.) of the Vijayanagar Empire. Hampi assures a serene environment and different places for you to relax, get rejuvenated and revisit.

How is the hotel business in Hampi? What is driving business? How much of it is business and leisure, domestic and international?

Hyatt Place Hampi caters primarily to individual guests, frequent business travellers, and small corporate and executive meetings. In retrospect, over the years, we were able to penetrate the leisure sectors in the vicinity, spreading to nearby cities and evolving as the most preferred destination to rejuvenate and spend a worthwhile getaway break. We are now also connected by air from our major feeder market Bangalore and Hyderabad daily from Vijaynagar Airport (which h is just a kilometre away from the property). This has helped our guests in terms of ease and convenience for travelling to major domestic cities. Apart from optimizing dynamic pricing strategy, World of Hyatt, our global loyalty program, puts understanding into action. It allows us to show our members how much we care for them to be their best. Hyatt Place Hampi attracts people throughout the year through promotional offers for food and beverage and by adeptly catering to offsite corporate meetings & conferences, social functions & weddings, and group travel.

Hampi has now become a must-visit global destination (ranked second in New York Times’ must-see global destinations 2019), which increased the leisure travel (both Domestic and International), for which we aim to achieve our patrons’ irrational loyalty by delivering uncomplicated experiences, purposeful service and being business casual.

How are you contributing to driving community development and employment in the city?

Hyatt Thrive – Built on the four pillars of Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development & Investment, Education & Personal Advancement and Health & Wellness, this is a global social service program initiated by Hyatt Corporation to enable us to care for people beyond our walls. We at Hyatt Place Hampi especially feel that community engagement is a sense of ownership by contributing to society and giving mutual support. This provides cohesiveness to society by making a difference in the life of others. We have donated 250 kg of soap to our partner NGOs, supported specially abled kids as well as orphanages and elderly homes, and empowered women by providing them timely education, shelter, food and care. We have also engaged in renovation projects and in programs helping the community. Our colleagues have volunteered a total of 709 hours with 15 projects and 6 non-profit partners for the year 2018 in the local area.

At Hyatt, we are most grateful for our colleagues. In our business where we don’t deliver a product, but rather an experience, our success depends entirely on the passion and dedication of our people. Respect, integrity, humility, empathy, creativity and fun are our shared core values. Our values are brought to life by our colleagues, whom we refer to as the Hyatt family. They embody our purpose of caring for people, including each other, our guests, and, ultimately, our owners.

Talk to us about the product of Hyatt Hampi. How is it different and what is its USP?

Hyatt Place Hampi – A nature’s paradise, Hyatt Place Hampi is a leisure hotel set amidst a sprawling lush green landscape with the scenic ruins of Hampi as the backdrop. It is just a kilometre away from Vijayanagar Airport. Hyatt Place Hampi is an upscale, select-service hotel designed for multi-tasking travellers. It offers an open, intuitive design, with a warm and casual atmosphere and practical amenities, such as complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, 24/7 Stay Fit Gym, Heaven on Earth spa and salon, different indoor and outdoor activities and 24-hour food and beverage services.

A place for people with 24/7 lifestyles, Hyatt Place Hampi is designed for constant relevance to answering the evolving needs of both business and leisure guests. Whether you are on a historic break to Hampi or on a romantic getaway, we are here to create a seamless experience to help you balance work and play.

What You’ll Love:

  • Roomy rooms with a Cozy Corner: Our spacious rooms with effortless design come with a Cozy Corner for you to get all comfy in.
  • 24/7 dining: Start your day with breakfast, and then enjoy freshly prepared favourites at your leisure.
  • Feel heavenly: If a relaxing getaway is what you seek, then Aristo Spa by Heaven on Earth is what you need.
  • Stay Connected: With Free Wi-Fi at our hotel, you are sure to keep in touch with your loved ones 24/7.
  • Historic Hampi: We take you on a tour of the boulder-strewn landscapes of Hampi and other UNESCO Heritage sites.

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