Businessman and Hotelier Binod Chaudhary Wins Seat in Nepal’s New Parliament.

It augurs well for tourism in our region. Chaudhary is a firm believer in facilitating businesses, promotes the concept of regional tourism, will  work towards India and Nepal together in tourism. 

Leading business magnate and hotelier from Nepal, prominent tourism and hospitality industry leader in South Asia, Binod Chaudhary has entered the country’s parliament in the recent national elections, contesting and winning as a senior member of the ruling National Congress, the single biggest party in the new parliament. Given his love for tourism, he is eagerly expected to play an important role in the emerging economy of Nepal and indeed, fostering more business cooperation between India and Nepal, holistically and in tourism and hospitality in specific. In an earlier position when he was president of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, he had worked extensively with CII in India.

Chaudhary is possibly the single biggest partner of IHCL, India’s biggest hotel chain, with hotels in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Dubai and in India. He has a joint venture with Fern Hotels. Among his diverse businesses, he runs a large noodles manufacturing facility in our region. More recently, the group inaugurated a cement manufacturing plant in Nepal.

Speaking to Destination India on his victory, at an event in New Delhi to felicitating his victory, Chaudhary recalled his long and successful association with India and South Asia, reconfirming his commitment to betterment of relations with more business friendly policies and tourism first, as among his guiding principles going forward. His political appointment augurs well for renewed tourism connect at a time when our two countries are eagerly exploring more opportunities to collaborate and grow together.

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