Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai top draws for Indian outbound this monsoon: has compiled an interesting report, decoding the trends in Indian outbound in the monsoon months of July and August. As per these findings, Singapore, Dubai and Bangkok have emerged as clear favourites among travellers, and have been favoured, irrespective, of the region. A closer scrutiny reveals that all these top destinations have excellent air connectivity, which has further grown with airline companies operating increased number of frequencies.

Closer home, Kathmandu and Pokhara have emerged as two Nepalese cities that have attracted the attention of the Indian travellers. Direct air-connectivity to Kathmandu from Delhi and ample road networks have favoured the trend.  Meanwhile, despite sporadic terror attacks and political upheavals, European countries continue to be a major draw for the discerning Indian outbound.

On the other hand, after being a top draw for some time now, Hong Kong and New York have emerged as two destinations that have slowly slipped down since last year in these findings. But Canada and the USA continue to be favourite destinations for outbound from Punjab in 2017.

Interestingly, Assam emerged as the only Indian state that had Kyoto, Japan as a top 10 choice of destination while travellers from other states did not choose Japan as a top destination to visit during the monsoon period.

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