Haridwar’s luxurious address overlooking the majestic Ganges and surrounded by serenity of the Shivalik hills, Pilibhit House is an ideal summer destination to unwind and take a reflective pause.

It has curated a distinct millets menu, encompassing contemporary delicacies with an Indian heart. The dishes are made using lesser-known regional ingredients and inspired by recipes of the noble house’s ancestral kitchens. These dishes will be a permanent highlight on the menu, encouraging guests to make healthier choices.

Guests can savour appetizers and small plates such as Home-made mix millets nachos with Bhangjeera or noon dip, Barnyard millets upma, and mouthwatering Paneer ghee roast on a ragi disc. To delight the palate further are dishes using local seasonal vegetables such as Barnyard Millet & Basil Konjee with masala jawar crisp, Pahadi kafli with bhanjeer ki chutney and Raagi roti, Ligude or Kachnaar subzi (Guriyal ki subzi), well-balanced Churkani Dal that consists of diverse types of beans, a flavorful Himalayan Red Rice Idly and more.

Patrons can also look forward to refreshing ‘Buransh ki Chuski’, a local Himalayan spiced iced gola made with burransh (rhododendron) flowers or Raagi, Flax seed & Jaggery ki Ladoo to end their meal on a sweet note. Mocktails such as local Timur salt infused Sharbat & Shikhanji make for soothing companion.

Launched in 2019, SeleQtions – a brand of The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), is a collection of named and distinctive hotels. Celebrating the legacy of time, a sense of place or differentiated theme, these hotels enjoy a strong equity, are well-established and bring to life experiences through their location, décor, service and cuisine.

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