Inja is the new destination dining experience

Making its home at iconic The Manor with an intriguing menu, INJA gives diners the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey bridging flavours of India and Japan. A unique dining concept, presenting an exciting blend of Indian and Japanese cuisines, the menu is an interesting even though eclectic combination of bold flavours, spices, and vivid colours of the Indian cuisine with the subtlety, raw essence, and precise techniques of Japanese cuisine.

It is a marriage of the robust Indian ingredients with the subtle nuances of typical Japanese cuisine. It comes out as interesting twists, not just as chosha, but genuinely fused to being solid offerings. Often we have witnessed lot of fanfare but with little food on the plate! INJA avoids that pitfall, with substantial offerings.

What does INJA mean? It is not as perplexing as it sounds. It is simply IN for India and JA for Japan! But exciting just as much, with a mystery around its food that is best unravelled on the plate when it arrives. I would recommend that you best suggest what you prefer and leave the rest to the well-trained staff taking the order.

Chef Adwait Anantwar, while living in Dubai, wanted to explore bringing together the flavours and techniques of his home country with the nuances of Japanese cuisine. He imagined boldly amalgamating and creating a symphony between the two.

“Cuisine is an art form that can transcend cultural boundaries, and at INJA, we aim to do just that by bringing together the bold and vibrant flavours of India and the delicate and nuanced techniques of Japan. We are proud to enter the dynamic and diverse India market with Atelier’s first restaurant, INJA, and offer guests a culinary experience that is one-of-a-kind,” said Panchali Mahendra, President of Atelier House Hospitality.

“Dining at their restaurants is both experiential and immensely satisfying, in terms of flavour, cuisine concept, style of presentation, and impeccable service. INJA promises to offer an exciting new fusion between the two very traditional cultures of Japan and India; I will go as far as to say that each dish at INJA will carry an element of surprise.” said Manav Thadani, Co-Partner of INJA, Founder and Chairman of Hotelivate.

Signature dishes on the menu include the Lobster rassam chawanmushi, Suzuki okinamasu with 7 days fermented mango achar, and king crab raj kachori. The cocktail menu has been crafted by mixologist, Kumar Mangalam, and offers unique intriguing drinks like the INJA Secret Tea, that can be paired with individual dishes on the menu. In fact, mocktails are an equally great choice for the non-alcoholic drinkers. There is also a significant vegetarian derivate of many of these dishes, with the menu offering a good choice for the vegetarian only guest.

INJA is located at The Manor, in South Delhi’s Friends colony, previously home to Indian Accent. It is a tucked away location, among the tony South Delhi elite. Its location promises a certain category of guest who is out to seek a quality experience built around good food amid an elegant environment.

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