IndiGo 2.0 gets going

Indigo is in the news again, this time in the process of announcing its new management team, as it embarks upon its next phase of development. Having acquired 140 aircrafts, all one type, become India’s leading airline by market share, its next phase will fly on multi-type aircraft, low cost long haul, and buying planes instead of leasing them. Its next phase will need more senior people, with more international experience. Its outgoing president has experience in aviation limited to Indigo; the process of bringing expats started some years ago and these have been joining in key capacities, with experience ranging from 30 to 40 years, to strengthen the top management team. This is gearing up for the next phase, as the airline looks are flying international and maintaining its profitability.

The exit of Aditya Ghosh will not make the airline miss a heartbeat, as pointed out by Rahul Bhatia, one of the two promoters of Indigo; infact, in the emerging scheme of things, his exit was almost imminent! It’s merely a blip, as the airline looks to more tailwinds on its international plans. 

That its shares have fallen in the last few days and news reports mentioning SEBI query with regard to timely filings are another issue. With oil prices witnessing an upward trend, aviation companies may experience some challenges in the short run.  

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