Indians travelling to leisure destinations grew in double-digits this festive season, MMT report suggests

Recently released travel trends observed around Diwali and the consequent long weekend by the online giant MMT suggested that Indians took to travel, in the festive season, like never before. The company has seen around 22% more travelers flying this year as compared to last year. The new age travellers are not just travelling domestically but are increasingly equally exploring international destinations. The outbound segment registered an 18% growth.

The company has also seen a significant uptick in Indians preferring to stay at four and five-star hotels with 4% travellers upgrading from mid-range hotels to four and five-star hotels for this period. 

The findings of this report are based on the bookings seen on MakeMyTrip platform for travel during the festive season.

There is a significant number of people travelling between cities with Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore topping the charts as the most booked domestic destinations, indicating home-bound travel for the Diwali season. Even the bookings to smaller cities like Patna and Ranchi have doubled as compared to last year.

Most Travelled Destinations During this Diwali Season

Name of the City

Increase in percentage

International Destinations









Commenting on the report, Saujanya Shrivastava, Group CMO, MakeMyTrip said that Indians were looking for newer reasons to travel, even during the festival season which was traditionally spent at home. “At MakeMyTrip, we have witnessed about 18% growth in international and 22% growth in domestic travel during the Diwali holiday season as compared to last year. We see a good mix of bookings for long and short-haul destinations with Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Mauritius being most booked international destinations while domestically cities like Udaipur, Coorg and Goa topping the charts,” he said.

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