Cinema and tourism must to boost ties: Ambassador Gonchig Ganbold

Mongolia and India shared much in common and bilateral ties were only getting deeper with enhanced cooperation in several areas, said the Mongolian ambassador. He made a specific mention of the country’s unexplored terrain and the blend of ancient and modern ways of life as its major USPs that filmmakers in India could tap. He was speaking at the Cinemascapes 2017, held recently in Mumbai.

Evoking centuries old ties, cultural and people-to-people, Mongolian ambassador outlined the contours of bilateral cooperation – which was diversifying into newer areas in the last few years. He stressed that cinema and tourism as industries must not remain out of the ambit of the bilateral cooperation, and insisted on acting as a bridge between the stakeholders of the industries in the two countries.

He shared that Hindi movies were rather popular in Mongolia and Raj Kapoor was still the quintessential reference point for Hindi movies.  

He mentioned that Mongolia was a sparsely populated land with striking visuals, distinct seasons and geographical zones. Terming the country a blend of modern and traditional way of living, he pointed out that nomadic cultures were present in the hinterland of the vast central Asian country. He noted that the country was a great tourist destination with Tibetan and Buddhist monasteries, now boasting of a dozen or so Indian restaurants too.

He informed that the Indian government had given its consent for code-sharing flights and active negotiations were on for tie-ups between commercial banks of the two countries, indicting a growing relationship between the two countries. Speaking on the road ahead, he mentioned that film companies and tourism office in Mongolia were enthusiastic in building their creative cooperation with their counterparts in India.

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