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A MOAT, A FORT AND AN ELEPHANT DOOR: How CSR can Save Indian Heritage?

Rakesh Mathur, eminent hotelier and presently, president of the Responsible Tourism Society, shares a model concept on how the heritage part of hotel properties can be treated differently to make them eligible for CSR funds. This would help make the entire property more financially viable and sustainable.    My journey into the World of Heritage Hotels started in 2001/2002 after 9/11. The Global Company I headed closed its doors, presumably temporarily, and I found myself …

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In current dark clouds, there is a silver lining and Indian tourism will bounce back, for sure!

So it’s back. Another crisis that will directly impact the Hospitality and Tourism Sector. But this is not the first time!! In my lifetime in the Hospitality Industry in India, it happened in 1994 as an aftermath of the Mumbai blasts. It happened due to the plague in Surat. The incident of 9/11 in New York was a defining moment on a global scale.  The Corona virus is Global on a much larger scale. Its …