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Thinking of taking a staycation : Goa is emerging a top choice destination

As Goa beckons, imagine your next holiday starting with the hosts welcoming and walking you into their home. A destination where you are looking to make a connection with the local community, live their lifestyle, eat their food and imbibe some of their culture. As travel increases, search is on for sustainable, experiential options, perhaps a house that is a total breakaway from your own home. Accommodation are available with varied frills in diverse categories, …

Travel & Tourism

Go Experiential with Camels, at Camel Charisma with the Raikas in Rajasthan

“About 25 years ago, it all began with a kiss…. a big smooch on the cheek by a friendly female camel. Earlier, in 1979 while working as an archaeozoologist in Jordan, I saw a line of hundreds of orderly camels descending down a hill to their watering point. It was like a mirage – and so began my love affair with camels!” recalls Dr. Ilse Köhler-Rollefson of Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan (LPPS), Sadri, Rajasthan and The League for Pastoral Peoples (LPP), …

Travel & Tourism

Experiential Tourism Gets a Heads-up with NGOs like Adarshila

Take a walk through the varied interventions from an NGO like Adarshila. Open to tourists coming on board and providing a helping hand. The Experiential, Hands-on Traveller Community-based tourism in India has shown an upward swing in the past few years, as more visitors are showing a significant inclination towards service-based tourism. Travel agents’ itineraries are increasingly offering experiential visits to urban and rural NGOs which support development of underprivileged communities. Also being incorporated are …


Ladakh Today: Looks Forward to Progress in it’s Independent Status

A month after the creation of Ladakh as a Union Territory, Amita Sarwal spent a week there. She, met various Ladakhis, visitors, and tour operators. Each one had a similar concept – advocating and upgrading Ladakh’s charms! Standing majestically on a hillock, is the circa-1820 Stok Palace, a recognised landmark in Ladakh. Residing here, in what has been turned into a boutique heritage hotel, is H.E. Raja Jigmed Wangchuk Namgyal. The owner is well aware …