A rare and royal treat awaits tourists at the Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal

The Jehan Numa Hotels is a rare and royal feel that one will discover with us. Jehan Numa speaks gently but eloquently of a unique and distinctive influence – that of the Begums of Bhopal. Dynamic and charismatic women who ruled the princely state, the four Begums in many ways redefined Bhopali tradition with its combined Muslim and Maratha heritage. They lived king-sized lives, as leaders and commanders, patrons of the arts, benefactors and competent administrators, world travellers and regal hosts. jehan-numa-palaceA progressive and cosmopolitan culture took root under the peaceful rule of the Begums, a sophisticated and courteous tradition that even today, will define your experience at Jehan Numa. General Obaidullah Khan, the second son of Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum and Commander-in-Chief of the erstwhile Bhopal State Force, moved out of Bhopal city in 1890 and built a palace on Shamla Hill. With a view of the entire city and surrounding country, it was aptly named Jehan Numa Palace.

The Jehn Numa stands for the Palace with a view of the world. A visionary with an extraordinary zest for life, the General was said to possess the ability to culture pearls. Jehan Numa today reflects its many passions including a love of horses, and his eclectic collection of swords that can be seen on the hotel walls.

In 1983, Nadir and Yawar Rashid, the grandsons of General Obaidullah
Khan, and the owners of the Palace, decided to share their legacy with the world. In 2011, Jehan Numa opened Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, a reflection of the family’s abiding interest in wildlife and the environment. In 2014, a distinctive Retreat, at the edge of Bhopal, opened to provide a getaway that is quietly understated and luxurious at the same time. Royal living, once the sole preserve of nawabs, is offered to guests generously and with courtesy. The fine tradition of Bhopali hospitality continues, as theyounger generation, sons of Nadir and Yawar, now play host to the world.

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